BIS-ISI Certification

BIS-ISI Certification we offer is given by Bureau of Indian Standards India (BIS). This accreditation is useful for nurturing as well as promoting the standards movement. The certification services of ours are useful for the activities like hallmarking, testing, standards formulation, calibration scheme, certification of products and many more. We are working as a dedicated BIS-ISI Certification service provider for Indian as well as foreign manufacturer who are looking to sell their products in India. We are functional as an absolute business solution provider the employees of which can outstandingly make effective use of their skills.

BIS Registration and Certification

Price: 70000 INR /Unit

  • Certifications ISI Mark Certification
  • Main Domestic Market All India
  • Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
  • Price 70000 INR
  • Unit of Measure Unit/Units
  • Unit of Price Unit/Units

Any organization receiving BIS Registration and Certification can use standard mark under product certification scheme I. This authorization is given as per BIS Regulations, 2018 as part of Conformity Assessment procedure. This certification is bestowed on any manufacturing organization, not to any company engaged as distributor or retailer. In case if any person has more than one factories situated at various locations, then separate applications for each of those factories needs to be submitted to get BIS license. The applicant factory needs to possess all the necessary testing amenities as specified by ISS and SIT. Testing professionals of that organization should be capable of conducting laboratory based testing procedures of products as per Indian Standard Specifications (ISS). The applicant organization should have all the necessary amenities for execution of steps like raw material procurement to packing of produced goods. The entire production procedures should be conducted in the same factory. The applicant company should seek approval from the Bureau in case there is any need of outsourcing. The product Certification Scheme provides all the necessary technical details for all the products of any applicant organization in the form of Product Manuals. This manual contains complete list of testing equipments, guidelines regarding samples, description of scope and scheme of inspection and testing ( SIT). This manual helps applicant to be prepare for auditing and submission of BIS application to avoid any difficulty and rejection.

Possessing ISI and BIS certifications by any organization means new business opportunities by achieving reliance of customers. Approval of BIS and ISI also ensures customers regarding product safety of any approved organization. These certifications assure customers regarding reliability of certified products. 

One interesting fact about the above mentioned certification is that, BIS-ISI approval is compulsory for above 150 products in India. Although BIS authorization is optional, but the governing body of Bureau of Indian Standards have made it mandatory to attain certificate on several products to ensure about their safety to buyers by avoiding the possibility of counterfeits. 

ISI and BIS certification requirements are mainly categorized into two types:

Compulsory BIS approval that covers factory inspection

Optional BIS certification to earn reliability of consumers

Hallmarking Certification

  • Main Domestic Market All India
  • Unit of Measure ,

Our well-recognized organization is committed towards providing services innumerable respected precious metal production companies with reliable Hallmarking Certification. Hallmark is the official mark, which is utilized as a guarantee of fineness or purity of precious metal articles. As per the Hallmarking Scheme, Licence or certification is granted to the various jewellery production industries by BIS (Govt. of India). Over and above, we assist our valued clients to obtain Hallmarking Certification in the most hassle-free process at reasonable charge.

BIS Certificate For Plotter

Price: 20000 INR /Unit

  • Minimum Order Quantity 1
  • Price 20000 INR
  • Unit of Measure Unit/Units
  • Unit of Price Unit/Units
All types of plotters are mandatory under BIS compulsory registration scheme. Make sure your product is registered with BISWe, Team#AlephINDIAwill assist you on every step to get your product certified with all kinds of quality control parameters for better quality and a good future.


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